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Japanese Pork Cutlets (Tonkatsu)

September 1, 2011
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It would happen every single weekend. I’d sit down to sketch out our family’s meals for the week…and drive myself crazy deciding what to make. Didn’t we just have that last week? What’s something good I can make in the slow cooker since I’m out all day Monday? That’s too many chicken dishes in a […]

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Chicken Curry

August 18, 2011
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It was about time we switched things up at lunch. On most days, my kids get a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a quesadilla for lunch. They like it and I can pull it together and get it onto their Dora the Explorer sectioned plates before a meltdown erupts (that’s mainly my 20-month-old little […]

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Balsamic Marinated Lamb Chops

July 27, 2011
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We walked into the restaurant for a good friend’s birthday dinner a few years back and right away we noticed there was something odd about this steakhouse. Smoke rising from steaks searing on an open grill was, of course, expected. But as we moved further into the dining room the smell of those steaks actually […]

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Maple Planked Rosemary & Lemon Pork Chops

July 7, 2011
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I got to be “that house” last weekend. The one in the neighborhood whose backyard grill is billowing out aromas that make you stop what you’re doing and say aloud, “OMG, what are they making over there and can we have some?” In my case it was the woody scents of the maple grilling plank […]

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Sausage & Spinach Stuffed Shells

April 6, 2011
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The panicked look on my face probably startled my husband into thinking something dire had taken place. “Where’s the ricotta???” Truthfully, for the first few seconds after I realized the stuffed shells recipe I was following seemed to have omitted the ricotta…well, I did have a minor momentary freakout. It shouldn’t have been a real […]

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Penne with Artichokes…and How I Started This Blog

March 8, 2011
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How many times have you come across a recipe like the one below for Penne with Artichokes on a food label? A tiny 3″ square with no photo or headnotes, significantly truncated to fit on the box? Recipes like this are kind of mysterious. You have no idea of what the dish looks like or […]

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Honey Lemon Chicken

February 21, 2011
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We have what I consider to be a great system in our house. I create the week’s menu, buy the food and cook the meals…my husband does the dishes. It works out most of the time except for my occasional penchant for using nearly every dish in the kitchen to prepare a meal. As I […]

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Classic Meat Loaf

September 21, 2010

Are there foods that you could not stand as a child that you’re now realizing aren’t so bad after all? Meat loaf is one of those foods for me. It recently occurred to me…what’s my hangup? I love burgers and meatballs. Isn’t meat loaf basically the same kind of thing only sliced? I decided it […]

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Homemade Pizza

August 10, 2010
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The ten minutes of kneading involved in making your own pizza crust provided enough tension relief to save my sanity as I was preparing this Lamb, Goat Cheese & Rosemary pizza. I discovered there was just enough yeast left in the jar to make the dough so I ever-so-carefully inverted it so as not to […]

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Crispy Baked Chicken

August 4, 2010
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“Want French toast!” Try as I might, I could not convince my two-and-a-half year old that the corn flake crumb-crusted baked chicken my husband and I were eating was not the Crispy French Toast we had the morning before. The chicken breast half on my daughter’s plate was cut up so it didn’t look anything […]

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