Chai Pumpkin Pie

I’d been looking for a good excuse to post an updated pumpkin pie recipe on Cooking On the Side. That first pumpkin pie I posted two Thanksgivings ago was great and all, the classic Libby’s version that I and millions around the country have enjoyed for years. But ever since that post I’ve been wanting to challenge myself to bake a pumpkin pie that was more from scratch – roast a pumpkin and make fresh purée, roll out my own pie crust. Well, I found my excuse to bake a new pie in the form of a sticker on a sugar pumpkin.

On the sticker was a pumpkin pie recipe that not only started with making your own pumpkin purée (no surprise there, it’s attached to a pumpkin) but it also called for a rather unusual custard ingredient: a cup of hot water. I researched a slew of other pumpkin pie recipes and not one called for water. And they all have two eggs, while this recipe on the pumpkin sticker only called for one. The closest relative I could find to this type of custard filling was a Chinese egg custard – in that dish, hot water or other liquid is mixed in to create a light, silky texture. I became very intrigued by this water approach.

I couldn’t leave well enough alone. For my pie, I decided to brew a cup of chai in lieu of the plain hot water the recipe called for. The notes of cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper and star anise in the tea complemented the pumpkin amazingly and enhanced the traditional pie spices. If you’re in the mood for an all-homemade twist on the classic, Chai Pumpkin Pie is definitely a great way to go.

Chai Pumpkin Pie

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  1. Oh I’m intrigued by the addition of the chai, I love those spices.

    Posted 11.1.11 Reply
  2. Jeanette wrote:

    Love the idea of chai flavoring in pumpkin pie, and so clever to use chai tea instead of water.

    Posted 11.2.11 Reply
  3. Sounds heavenly!

    Posted 11.2.11 Reply
  4. chai pumpkin pie.. thats a unseen/untasted combi, very intriguing. Great dish for the christmas season her around. My family will love it.

    Posted 11.2.11 Reply
  5. Jey wrote:

    Oh wow, I’ll definitely be trying this soon!

    Posted 11.2.11 Reply
  6. Deb wrote:

    Chai with pumpkin is a very compelling combination of flavors in the classic: pumpkin pie, delightful! I recently sampled a cupcake with chai paired with chocolate. It was lovely!

    Posted 11.2.11 Reply
    • Oooh…chai and chocolate sounds amazing too. It makes sense, chocolate is so great with all of those spices too.

      Posted 11.2.11 Reply
  7. Jessica wrote:

    This sounds amazing! I love the addition of the Chai!!

    Posted 11.2.11 Reply
  8. Michael Strahs wrote:

    I am still amazed by how good the filling tasted! Great job, Kathy!

    Posted 11.2.11 Reply
  9. Like you, I have loved Libby’s traditional pumpkin pie for years but have lately been thinking how I could tweak it to make it better. And you did it! I love, love your idea about using Chai tea. Truly inspired!

    Posted 11.2.11 Reply
  10. Natalie wrote:

    Yum! This recipe sounds delicious.

    Posted 11.2.11 Reply
  11. Kalyn wrote:

    Love the addition of chai, brilliant!

    Posted 11.2.11 Reply
  12. Carrie wrote:

    Oh YES please. It sounds amazing. (by the way, I can never leave well enough alone either when it comes to playing with baking and cooking…a woman after my own heart)

    Posted 11.16.11 Reply
  13. Emma wrote:

    I love the Chai Pie

    Posted 11.30.13 Reply