Celebrating 2 Years With a PB&J Sandwich Cake & Giveaway!

Yes, it’s a CAKE!

That seriously looks like a real peanut butter and jelly sandwich, doesn’t it? No kidding, within 1 minute of seeing Sneh’s Cakewich (that’s what this is called) on Cook Republic, I had one-click ordered a Cakewich pan from Amazon. This blog turns 2 years old today and I’m celebrating with a fun, toddler-approved cake (at least the toddlers who live in my house loved it)!

As cute as it is, this cake tastes even better. In fact, I delighted in this pound cake as much as with the Meyer Lemon Whipping Cream Pound Cake I raved about a few weeks ago (yes, it’s been a pound cake kind of month). The cake itself is very moist and flavorful – even after five days at room temperature on my kitchen island – and that frosting is like peanut butter’s richer, sweeter, fluffier cousin. It’s definitely more than a gimmick, this cake is legit. If you’d like to see how I made this massive cake sandwich, check out today’s post on my other blog, Panini Happy.

Cakewich Silicone Pan Giveaway – 2 Winners! [THE GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED]

See the Cakewich Silicone Baking Pan on AmazonIn celebration of two years of Cooking On the Side, I would love to send two readers one of these Cakewich silicone baking pans. Here are four ways to enter, you can do any or all of them (please leave separate comments for each entry):

  • Leave a comment on this post sharing the most unusual cake you’ve ever made, seen or eaten.
  • “Like” Cooking on the Side on Facebook
  • Subscribe to free updates from Cooking On the Side via e-mail or RSS
  • Follow me @paninikathy on Twitter

The giveaway will close on Monday, March 28, 2011 at noon PDT. I will use random.org to select two winners to receive the Cakewich pans and announce the winners in this post. Apologies to my international readers, due to shipping costs I can only send the prize to U.S. addresses.

**UPDATED 3/29/11 – Congratulations to the winners!

Congrats to Cheryl (#98) and ironchefman (#103)!
Congrats to the Cakewich pan winners, Cheryl (#98) and ironchefman (#103)!

This giveaway is sponsored by yours truly. 🙂

Happy Birthday, Cooking On the Side!

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  1. JB wrote:

    I’m a google reader follower.

    Posted 3.25.11 Reply
  2. Nicole wrote:

    coconut creme brulee cake

    Posted 3.25.11 Reply
  3. Definitely would have to be a Twinkie/Hostess wedding cake I saw at a wedding.!

    Posted 3.26.11 Reply
  4. Robin wrote:

    Oh my I have looked at this cake pan again and again… I love kitchy things like this. My husband and I made a cake last week for my birthday (the 16th) that was a giant cupcake. We made mini cuppies, too, to match. The best part – it was a chocolate Guinness cake with Bailey’s *Mint* Buttercream frosting! Total YUM.

    Posted 3.26.11 Reply
  5. Cheryl Ross wrote:

    Love the PB&J Sandwich Cake. The most unusual cake I remember seeing is one that looks like a hamburg on a bun, with lettuce, etc.

    Posted 3.26.11 Reply
  6. Joanna wrote:

    Recently I noticed a hydrangea cake someone retweeted on Twitter. It looked to beautiful to eat.

    Posted 3.26.11 Reply
  7. Debby G. wrote:

    I liked you on Facebook too.

    Posted 3.26.11 Reply
  8. Do donuts count? I’ve seen a huge cake sized donut that looked like a cheeseburger… I was strangely attracted to it.. 🙂

    Posted 3.26.11 Reply
  9. Ashlee wrote:

    The oddest cake I ever had was shaped like a giant taco!

    Posted 3.26.11 Reply
  10. Cathy wrote:

    I love this! I have the large cupcake cake pan and it is so cute, everybody loves when I use it. I have done it for boys and girls and next time it will be used like a mushroom for Tinkerbell’s house. This pan would be an awesome addition to my growing collection.

    Posted 3.26.11 Reply
  11. Katrina wrote:

    One of the funnest cakes I’ve made was a fire engine for my son who was then 3 (he’s 12 now!). I’m not much of a decorator–love the sandwich cake idea, it’s cute, creative, but not fancy-schmancy.

    Posted 3.26.11 Reply
  12. Katrina wrote:

    I follow on Twitter.

    Posted 3.26.11 Reply
  13. Katrina wrote:

    I like Cooking on the Side on FB.

    Posted 3.26.11 Reply
  14. Katrina wrote:

    You’re in my Google Reader.

    Posted 3.26.11 Reply
  15. Reagan Foy wrote:

    I just started following you on Facebook.

    Posted 3.26.11 Reply
  16. Reagan Foy wrote:

    Signed up for free updates…so looking forward to them.

    Posted 3.26.11 Reply
  17. Reagan Foy wrote:

    Now also following you on twitter!

    Posted 3.26.11 Reply
  18. Heidi in NYC wrote:

    Most unusual cake are the divorce ones. They say some very ODD things!

    Posted 3.26.11 Reply
  19. kim wrote:

    those sushi cakes!

    Posted 3.26.11 Reply
  20. LB wrote:

    That seems so awesome!!! I have seen some unusual baby shower cakes (only pictures). Like, with the baby coming out the mom… I can’t think of any in real life though!

    Posted 3.26.11 Reply
  21. LB wrote:

    like you on facebook

    Posted 3.26.11 Reply
  22. LB wrote:

    email subscriber

    Posted 3.26.11 Reply
  23. LB wrote:

    twitter follower – lbandj

    Posted 3.26.11 Reply
  24. Your cake looks totally fabulous. I bet this would be a hit with kids. I think the most unusual cake I’ve ever eaten was one made with avocados. By the way, I have a sweet treat linky party going on at my blog and I’d like to invite you to stop by and link your cake up. http://sweet-as-sugar-cookies.blogspot.com/2011/03/sweets-for-saturday-10.html

    Posted 3.27.11 Reply
  25. Karen wrote:

    I follow you on twitter.

    Posted 3.27.11 Reply
  26. Karen wrote:

    I’m an email subscriber.

    Posted 3.27.11 Reply
  27. Karen wrote:

    I unliked you on Facebook so that I could LIKE you again (mostly b/c I wanted to double check myself but also because I wanted to see how fast the little number of “people who like you” switched….it’s real time, FYI, hee hee.)

    Posted 3.27.11 Reply
  28. Karen wrote:

    Ok, so your baking and cooking endeavors never cease to amaze me. This cake looks like a real winner though….I can’t wait to give it a go with my PB&J lovers! Thanks for yet another fabulous idea.

    As for the most unusual cake I’ve ever made or eaten, can’t say there’s been anything crazy but I did make an eggnog tiramisu one year at Christmas….it was great and almost like doing shots but it was also the most tedious cake I think I have made.

    Posted 3.27.11 Reply
  29. caitlin wrote:

    cute cake! the most unusual cake ive seen is…. a “cake” made of stacked up crepes and caramel

    Posted 3.27.11 Reply
  30. caitlin wrote:

    liked you on FB

    Posted 3.27.11 Reply
  31. OH my gosh that cake looks so realistic! I love it!

    The most unusual cake I ever made was a HUGE cake shaped like a cupcake. Not that unusual but it’s I’ve got :).

    Posted 3.27.11 Reply
  32. Julie wrote:

    http://juliesumsitup.blogspot.com/2011/01/today-i-am-intermixing-random-quotes.html – I made a New Year’s Cake with cake pops at different heights on the candy sticks acting as the Times Square ball!

    Posted 3.27.11 Reply
  33. Shannon wrote:

    I liked Cooking on the Side on Facebook!

    Posted 3.27.11 Reply
  34. Shannon wrote:

    I also followed via RSS.

    Posted 3.27.11 Reply
  35. Shannon wrote:

    I’m following on Twitter..

    Posted 3.27.11 Reply
  36. Shannon wrote:

    And the most unusual cake I’ve ever seen would have to be the moving bull that Buddy did on Cake Boss. I could never imagine making a cake that didn’t look like a cake and moved around at the same time.

    Posted 3.27.11 Reply
  37. jen wrote:

    hmm. nothing to interesting here cake wise. though i love making homemade red velvet cake 🙂

    Posted 3.27.11 Reply
  38. myboyzach wrote:

    Twitter follower….love your cake. Most interesting cake i’ve made was for a bachelor party…too racy for posting. But, they guys got a kick out of it…and it was gone!!

    Posted 3.27.11 Reply
  39. myboyzach wrote:

    Reader follower too !!! Been following your other site for months now !!!

    Posted 3.27.11 Reply
  40. Gerald wrote:

    This cake is very cool. My son would really liker one of these for his birthday cake as PB and J is his FAVORITE FOOD.

    A friend of mine just made a Angry Birds Game cake. It is sooo cool.

    Please enter me to win. THANKS

    Posted 3.27.11 Reply
  41. Ashlie wrote:

    Happy Anniversary and thanks for a fun giveaway!

    Not only is this cake super cute, it includes peanut butter, which is one of my very favorite foods!

    My most unusual cake would have to be one made entirely with ground almonds, no flour. It was very tasty – I topped it with whipped cream and blueberries. I began following a gluten free diet a couple of years ago, so most of the cakes I make now a days are rather unusual :).

    Posted 3.27.11 Reply
  42. Kathy! Thanks for the mention :-). I am glad you and the little ones love the cake! It is so so much fun isn’t it?

    Posted 3.27.11 Reply
  43. Jane wrote:

    Most unusual? Has to be a rice krispie cake, covered with frosting. It was still delicious! 🙂

    Posted 3.27.11 Reply
  44. Claire wrote:

    I’ve tried mango cake before. Bizarre to say the least!!

    Posted 3.27.11 Reply
  45. EMily D. wrote:

    A football/soccer stadium cake. Really intricate!

    Posted 3.27.11 Reply
  46. Emily D. wrote:

    I am a fan of Cooking on the Side on FB now!

    Posted 3.27.11 Reply
  47. Emily D. wrote:

    I subscribe to your feed now

    Posted 3.27.11 Reply
  48. Emily D. wrote:

    I now follow you on twitter! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

    Posted 3.27.11 Reply
  49. Klee wrote:

    This might be sort of tame, but when I was a kid, my mom made a coconut cake shaped like a rabbit. I loved the way it looked, but that was also how we figured out I despise coconut. O well. One of undergrad roommates made me a cake that looked like a lion for my birthday one year. No coconut!

    Posted 3.28.11 Reply
  50. Klee wrote:

    I’m now following you on Google Reader!

    Posted 3.28.11 Reply