Bunny Whoopie Pies

Oh, hello there. Look who just hopped in.

Bunny Whoopie Pies

Something happened as I was making these Bunny Whoopie Pies. I was supposed to end up with 12 little bunnies but somehow, true to their reputation…

Bunny Whoopie Pies multiply!
…they multiplied! And quickly took over the house.

The bunnies take over

Here’s the thing. The bunny-shaped wells in the Wilton pan I bought all face the same direction. When you go to position them back to-back (flat side to flat side) the two bunnies end up facing in opposite directions. So I just took my paring knife and halved each bunny lengthwise so they would all match up. I did end up with twice as many bunnies as I’d originally anticipated (yet still had extra marshmallow filling, go figure) but at least I could now sandwich them. Plus, I think they came out pretty cute.

Bunny Whoopie Pies

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  1. Katrina wrote:

    I love it! Those are too fun!

    Posted 4.10.11 Reply
  2. Just in time for the April holiday. They look super cute. How could they not turn into multiple batches? The original raspberry recipe sounds good too.

    Posted 4.10.11 Reply
    • Kathy wrote:

      Yeah, I’d fully intended to make the raspberry version – which calls for spreading a little seedless raspberry jam inside – but then I completely forgot. Turns out they really didn’t need any more sweetness after all. 🙂

      Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  3. Tina wrote:

    Those whoopies are so cute and definitely looks delicious!

    Posted 4.10.11 Reply
  4. These are adorable and so unique!

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  5. OMG I love these! They look so adorable!

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  6. Shaina wrote:

    So adorable!

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  7. super cute!

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  8. This totally made me smile this morning!

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  9. Maria wrote:

    Too cute!

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  10. Chelsea wrote:

    Ohhh… I was looking for a fun spring break baking project and you just delivered one — thank you!

    Posted 4.11.11 Reply
    • Kathy wrote:

      Awesome – you can borrow my pan if you want!

      Posted 4.11.11 Reply
  11. so cute!! I love bunny shaped treats 🙂

    Posted 4.12.11 Reply
  12. These bunnies make the cutest whoopie pies I’ve ever seen!

    Posted 4.13.11 Reply
  13. These are precious, Kathy!

    Posted 4.15.11 Reply
  14. Megan wrote:

    These are adorable. I wish they would come invade my house! 😉

    Posted 4.16.11 Reply
  15. how absolutely adorable are these? I love that you have a playhouse for them too! LOL

    Posted 4.19.11 Reply
  16. ADORABLE!!! I love it!
    We are hosting a linky party for “EASTER COOKIES & TREATS” and this would be a wonderful recipe to share with everyone. If you would, we would love for you to come link up your beautiful eggs!


    Posted 4.22.11 Reply