Braised Short Ribs

Once, a few years ago, my sisters and I ran into Wolfgang Puck in Vegas. Or at least we saw him. We were having a late lunch at one of his restaurants, Trattoria del Lupo, at Mandalay Bay, and I noticed him from afar. He was just sitting by himself, at a table right in the front section of the dining room. In fact, he was seated so prominently that I doubted for a moment whether it was really him. But it definitely was. I must have been staring (in fact, I know I was) because as we were leaving the restaurant, he acknowledged me with a warm smile.

The recipe for these Braised Short Ribs was the first of Wolfgang Puck’s that I’d ever tried. It came from the back of his packaged beef stock and was uncommonly good. The short ribs, braised for 2-1/2 hours in the stock and Cabernet Sauvignon, were fall-off-the-bone succulent and full of flavor. Don’t get me started about the intoxicating, earthy aromas that wafted throughout my house all afternoon.

Chef Puck recommends serving these short ribs over noodles or mashed potatoes. I, of course, turned mine into Braised Short Rib Panini on my other blog, Panini Happy.


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  1. I made this recipe recently, and loved it! The meat was so succulent and tender.

    Posted 6.22.10 Reply
  2. kellypea wrote:

    Drooling. And yes, I can smell the aroma that must have wafted through your house. Oh, my.

    Posted 7.4.10 Reply
  3. Stephanie wrote:

    This is one of my favorite short ribs recipes, hands down!

    Posted 7.5.10 Reply
  4. Geena wrote:

    I just made this recipe today, and it’s super delicious! I loved it, thanks for the recipe

    Posted 10.8.10 Reply
  5. Rhonda wrote:

    We are preparing this tonight!

    Posted 2.1.11 Reply
    • Kathy wrote:

      I hope you love it!

      Posted 2.1.11 Reply
  6. Janice wrote:

    This is my second time making it because my family loved it so much. Great recipe with lots of flavor. Thanks

    Posted 3.17.11 Reply
  7. Kristine wrote:

    I made this as a non-traditional Christmas dinner.. What a hit!! Sooo delicious.. However next time I will season the beef with salt as well, and do equal parts wine and beef stock for braising.. Also a few extra sprigs of thyme would be lovely.. =D

    Posted 12.25.12 Reply
  8. Tia wrote:

    Hello! I am about to make this dish for a weekend dinner party and am confused about the cut of short rib. I have seen ‘flanken style’ (a Tom Collicchio recipe) which are longer strips cut across the bone, and kind of thin – and I have seen chunks of semi-square short ribs that are about 2″ x 3″. What do you recommend?
    Thank you so much!

    Posted 1.29.14 Reply
    • Hi Tia — I used the chunky kind for this recipe. 🙂 Kathy

      Posted 1.29.14 Reply
  9. bob wrote:

    i tried this recipe 2x once bone in other boneless and have too this recipe is just fantastic served it over garlic masked with saute onions . the second time i tried it served a little gremolata on top of each short rib

    Posted 2.16.14 Reply
    • That sounds wonderful, Bob!

      Posted 2.16.14 Reply
      • bob wrote:

        thank you
        hope you try

        Posted 2.16.14 Reply
  10. My husband and I made these short ribs for dinner tonight and they were delicious! We’re using the leftovers to make your short rib paninis on Valentine’s Day. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the recipe!

    Posted 2.12.17 Reply