Chocolate Pudding Pie

I was slicing and passing this Chocolate Pudding Pie at our friends’ beach rental when Stephanie re-appeared in the kitchen with an untouched plate: “Ed says he needs a bigger piece.”

Oh yes, a chocolate pie was completely decimated by 4 adults and 5 little kids at Mission Bay last weekend.


Ever since 7th grade home ec, Chocolate Pudding Pie has been my very favorite kind of pie. Cool, rich, no-bake – the perfect summertime treat. I have to say, though, I make it way better today than I used to. The old storebought graham cracker crust is now a rustic homemade shell, dotted with chocolate sprinkles (a la Sprinkle Bakes) for fun. No more instant pudding filling – it’s now all about good old-fashioned homemade chocolate pudding, stirred on the stovetop. And the white fluffy stuff on top? Real whipped cream all the way.

As you know, on this blog I usually share the recipes I find on food packaging. This time around we’ll say I was inspired by the chocolate pudding pie recipe I found on a box of JELL-O instant pudding (I have an idea of who put that box in the pantry :-)). Same concept + homemade execution = amazing summer pie.

Chocolate Pudding Pie

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  1. Mercy!!! This chocolate pie looks a-maz-ing!!! Must have some!!!

    Posted 7.9.13 Reply
  2. Love that everything is from scratch in this pudding pie!

    Posted 7.10.13 Reply
  3. Do you bake the crumb crust first? Thinking of doing these in mini springform pans for individual servings for a dinner party.

    Posted 2.6.15 Reply
    • Hi Margaret — no, you just chill the crust. ~ Kathy

      Posted 2.6.15 Reply