Things That Made Me Go Mmmm… #3

>> How many times have you pored over a restaurant menu, identified a few possibilities and then craned your neck to see what other patrons were eating  to help make your decision? That’s me most of the time. So I was pretty excited when I heard about a new location-based app called Foodspotting. It’s like Foursquare or Facebook Places for foodies. You check in at a restaurant on your iPhone (they’re developing a version for Android) and snap photos of what you’re eating to share with others who are planning to dine there. Or, if you’re on the Foodspotting website, you can just browse the photos that others have already shared.

>> Here’s another one for the social networking category – have you heard about the new 4Food restaurant concept that’s opening next month in New York City? The one that doubles as a social networking game? I read about it in The New York Times. The article describes how it all works rather succinctly: “I create a burger, call it ‘The Bits Burger’ and broadcast it to Twitter or Facebook. Each time someone orders my special creation, I get 25 cents credit in the restaurant and my burger rises up the leaderboard. The more customers order my burger, the higher it goes and the more credits I get, until I’m eating free.” Pretty cutting edge!

>> Despite their recent surge in popularity, I still have never tried a whoopie pie. I would change that in a nanosecond if I could get my hands on one of these Boston Cream Whoopie Pies from Annie’s Eats. How incredible are those?!

>> Dora the Explorer’s #1 absolute biggest fan happens to live in my house. I’m not sure what she’ll think when she sees these Dora cakes on Cake Wrecks. Lucky for all of us who aren’t professional decorators, kids can appreciate a little “artistic license”.

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  1. hmm… I wonder if the 4Food concept will catch on here in DC? Sounds interesting…

    Posted 8.30.10 Reply