Blueberry Rice Muffins

by Kathy Strahs on June 23, 2011 · 67 comments

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I noticed three interesting phenomena as I made this rice flour recipe for blueberry muffins for the first time:

  1. Rice flour expaaaaandsjust like how your stomach feels full after eating rice. I scooped some of the batter into my muffin pan, turned away for a minute, and by the time I came back to the pan the batter had already risen about half an inch up to the rims of the wells. While still on the counter!
  2. The kitchen smells like rice while baking. I know this one doesn’t sound like much of an “aha” but it didn’t really occur to me that there would be any aromatic differences versus my regular wheat flour muffins. That’s mainly because of notable phenomenon #3…
  3. Rice flour doesn’t really have much flavor. At least not white rice flour and at least not compared to wheat flour. It does have some taste to it but it’s really mild. It’s for this reason that I’m extra glad I decided to grate in some lime zest which added a little more flavor. To its credit, the rice flour did have a touch more texture to it than wheat flour, like a little nutty graininess along the lines of fine cornmeal.

So why did I venture into Blueberry Rice Muffins in the first place? I’d bought rice flour for a breaded chicken dish I made recently (rice flour, it turns out, makes for extra-crunchy breading – especially when used in conjunction with Japanese panko breadcrumbs!) and there was a blueberry muffin recipe printed on the side of the package. They came out just as light as wheat flour muffins and are a terrific gluten-free alternative if you’re ever baking for someone who needs to avoid gluten.

Beside the lime zest I also added a streusel topping, inspired by Barbara from Barbara Bakes who says, “Muffins without a streusel topping are kind of like cupcakes without frosting. Delicious without it, but irresistible with it.” I’m inclined to agree.

Blueberry Rice Muffins

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Kirsten February 11, 2020 at 1:02 PM

My grand daughter recently diagnosed auto immune. No nuts or grains except rice. I have started trying different recipes to help her adapt. First attempt at these and they were little dry and definitely gritty. I had used brown rice flour. Second attempt used white rice flour with the addition of Tbs tapioca flour. Used butter in the streusel. Checked before baking time up so, not to over bake. They turned out great! Wonderful taste and texture. Nice rise. Definitely not a sweet muffin but we use a drizzle of honey like on corn muffin. Great recipe.


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