Banana Berry Muffins

Some people get excited over finding lost change in the couch. I’m thrilled when I uncover food in the freezer that I’ve long forgotten about (that’s freezer, not refrigerator – long forgotten fridge food is no treat!). A few months ago when I was in my “nesting” stage ahead of the birth of our new little guy I became a bit of a cooking-and-freezing fiend. I stacked up all kinds of soups, casseroles, cookies, muffins – anything I thought would keep well. Over time, as the stacks got deeper, I kind of lost track of what was in there. I suppose I could take the time to do a little inventory but it’s actually kind of fun to be surprised when I open the freezer door.

I mentioned before that I’d frozen muffins. Well, I didn’t remember this until after I baked for this post! I was getting ready to stash a few of these Banana Berry Muffins in the freezer when I saw not one, but two previously packed-away bags of muffins. Oh well…is there really such a thing as too many muffins?

At least I can say that these muffins are a bit different from the kind I usually make. For starters, they’re made with no refined sugar. Instead they’re sweetened – quite adequately, I might add – with honey and orange juice. In lieu of oil, the recipe uses a relatively small amount of butter (surprising, given that the recipe comes from a butter package) and puréed bananas for moisture.

As someone who tends to prefer muffins that are nearly like cupcakes I was not expecting to enjoy these “healthier” muffins as much as I did. Between the bananas, berries and orange juice they’re loaded with flavor. And despite not having whole eggs, oil or sugar the texture is actually decent. My husband commented that the texture reminded him of the lowfat muffins they have at Starbucks, which he likes. We’ve been having them for breakfast for the past few days – and probably again in a few months, once I rediscover them in the freezer. 🙂



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  1. mirjana wrote:

    Very nice photo i delicious muffins!!!!:)
    .-= mirjana´s last blog ..Mini hot dog =-.

    Posted 3.3.10 Reply
  2. Maria wrote:

    The muffins are so pretty! I love the flavors too!
    .-= Maria´s last blog ..2peas3-0 =-.

    Posted 3.3.10 Reply
  3. katerina wrote:

    These looks scrumptious! My little tip for muffins with berries? I find if you toss the berries with a bit of flour before folding into the mixture they will stay suspended a not sink down.
    .-= katerina´s last blog ..Mexican Chicken Soup Recipe =-.

    Posted 3.3.10 Reply
    • Kathy wrote:

      I like that tip! The flour also helps to keep the color of the berries from transferring to the batter.

      Posted 3.3.10 Reply
  4. Erin wrote:

    These look just gorgeous! There is nothing better than an inviting muffin to start your day with. Lovely work.
    .-= Erin´s last blog ..An Erin Cooks Contest: Emily Ann Designs =-.

    Posted 3.3.10 Reply