Classic Meat Loaf

September 21, 2010

Are there foods that you could not stand as a child that you’re now realizing aren’t so bad after all? Meat loaf is one of those foods for me. It recently occurred to me…what’s my hangup? I love burgers and meatballs. Isn’t meat loaf basically the same kind of thing only sliced? I decided it […]

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Braised Short Ribs

June 21, 2010
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Once, a few years ago, my sisters and I ran into Wolfgang Puck in Vegas. Or at least we saw him. We were having a late lunch at one of his restaurants, Trattoria del Lupo, at Mandalay Bay, and I noticed him from afar. He was just sitting by himself, at a table right in […]

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January 6, 2010
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I was a little hesitant to post a chili recipe. Chili, it seems, can be rather personal to some people. Some believe in chili with all beef and no beans, others prefer vegetarian. There are those who pride themselves in their 30-item list of spices and other “secret ingredients”, others are content to pop open […]

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